I recently ran into a friend who told me about her big meeting. She told me that it was the anniversary of the company where she works, but she had seen her silver jewelry, which was dark. She didn’t understand why, since she had only bought them four months ago and they were already tarnished. We decided to find out with the SERV team why the jewelry was darkening, discover the real reason, and discover her solution. After days of searching for information and before she had her anniversary, we found out why and here we tell you why:

We discovered that silver does not oxidize because it does not react to oxygen, but with its reaction to sulfur, this reaction between silver and hydrogen sulfide forms a superficial and fragile layer around the metal that makes that dark color; that was the scientific explanation we found.

But other factors that can darken the silver are our products, makeup, creams, and perfumes. When we are getting ready, our jewelry reacts to these products.

But the most important thing was that we discovered a trick to make that black color disappear.

First, you must take a piece of aluminum foil and wrap it in a pot; we introduce our accessory, add a tablespoon of salt and a cup of water, enough to cover your accessory, and let it boil for about five minutes. We put the water in another container, add vinegar, leave it for five more minutes, and finally dry it with another cloth or paper towel.

We tried this trick with my friend’s jewelry to see if it worked. When we got to her house and did the trick, we noticed that it worked: she was ready to celebrate!

We knew this tip worked because the trick was that in the salt, the chlorine it contains oxidizes the aluminum foil, and this oxide reacts with the black silver, which returns to its original state, releasing sulfur.

Then we had time to record a video for our social networks telling this tip that had worked for us; we found ourselves as @serv.app, so you can find the video and guide you much better.