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We are the future of general services.An App with social impact improving the lives of our customers and mothers who are the heads of household who perform most of the services we offer.



Come visit us, we have offices in Toronto



100% Quality and punctual.



Strictly selected, insured, and trained personnel.


Services performed

Our services are satisfactorily executed with high-quality standards.

We set new standards for people's lives.

We are bringing advances in sustainable technology and services to the environments that shape our lives more than any other: our homes and businesses.

We are of all colors

We are Winners

We serve with pleasure


We are constantly training

We serve with pleasure

We are constantly training

We leave everything impeccable

At SERV, our mental health matters

At SERV we improve the quality of life for everyone

Our internal and customer-oriented applications significantly improve our customers’ quality of life, greatly enhance our employees’ efficiency and job satisfaction, and keep our company on the cutting edge.

Where we're heading
"To be the largest general services App in the world. Improving the quality of life of our SERVERS and our customers. "

⸺ Santiago Serrano, SERV’s CEO

In SERV, we are excited to have the best and only the best exponents in each of the company areas; we are convinced that an ELITE team is the differential factor in any challenge and to achieve our goals at high speed.

So if you consider that you stand out in a specific field and that you connect with the human and social factor for a change in humanity, you are in the right place, fill out the form in the following link and tell us what your superpower is, are you ready to join an ELITE team, it won’t be easy, but it will be exciting.

You can learn more about our values by clicking here.

Could you build an airplane while falling into the void? This is an analogy we use as a matter of course in SERV. Every day you must give your best, not only to get the best results but to get out of your comfort zone; in the end, the one who jumps into the void always lands on his feet; either you learn, or you win, there is a no different option.

We are looking for committed, proactive, passionate, and curious people eager to eat the world; working at SERV is only for the brave. Would you dare?

In SERV, you will have the opportunity to join an ELITE team in every sense, discipline, creativity, leadership, innovation, strategy, technique, and technology; this will lead you to learn the best how to scale a company at high speed, you also have the opportunity to work Remote, because our offices are located in WeWork.

Since we project ourselves as a global company, we firmly believe that occasionally you will be able to move between countries taking advantage of your talent to the fullest.

We care about your well-being and learning, so our human talent team will always be available to give you advice, get you a course or specialization, advise you on mindset or provide you with feedback when needed.