When we started SERV, several of our customers asked us about the security factor and support of the people they would give entry to their home to perform the cleaning and if this was utterly reliable. They feared they might have a bad experience, since usually or formerly, the contracting made with the people of the domestic cleaning service is by recommendations of relatives or close ones. It becomes a lottery because sometimes it is not entirely safe, and there is possibly some theft.

We check if the person has a criminal or judicial record, in addition to going through a series of psychological filters to observe their traits and behaviors.

But lately, honesty tests have been presented not only in the area of general services but in all areas of recruitment of employees to observe the behavior of employees who have to face certain situations or also known; as honesty test, are presented in most cases when the person has a few weeks of start in his job.

A couple of weeks ago, one of our home professionals (“Server”) was in one of these tests, wherein the test was left an amount of money, in her case was COP $500,000, in one of the pants of the person who owns the house, while through a security camera observed the behavior of her, she took them. She left them on the nightstand in a safe place, easy to see in sight of the owner. After he sees what happened, he approaches her and asks her why she had left the money in its place, even though she had the opportunity to take them.
Her response was: “Since I was a little girl, I have been instilled with values, and I was taught not to take what is not mine” seeing that answer, he was so impressed that he gave her back the $500,000 pesos for that act of honesty and honesty in action, then she was deeply grateful because those funds would help her invest in her gastronomy semester!

At Serv, we are happy to work with our home professionals, women and men full of dreams and goals, and to know those hearts full of honesty and love.

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