SERV values

We adopt our beliefs in our actions

SERVe is a pleasure / Servir es un placer

Good service is an essential part of our culture; our platform unites two worlds, SERVERS and CUSTOMERS, and everyone should be treated with respect, friendliness, and friendship; moreover, our team is the best deserving of these attitudes.

Active listening is our primary weapon to offer ideal customer service; this way, we will understand the real needs of our interlocutor.

We are of all colors / Somos de todos los colores

We are open-minded, accepting, and respecting ideologies, religions, sexual orientations, and cultures; SERV is a community with no preference or color.

Fancy and Impeccable / Elegantes e Impecables

Our answers and actions are timely and up to par; always think how someone you admire or the most outstanding reference you have in mind would do it; you are capable of it and more; we are also interested in our integral image, always project what you want to be and expect nothing less.

Winners / Ganadores

Our sharp mind always puts us at the expectation of new challenges and consistently differentiates ourselves to go first, we are the best, and our team is highly trained to change lives at high speed.

We are also constantly changing and evolving, never stopping learning, and we adapt to any situation; if an idea does not work, we do not stick to it and continue with a better and stronger one. There are no mental barriers.

We love mistakes / Amamos los errores

We are believers that the most significant learnings come from our biggest mistakes. Therefore every time we make a mistake, we take the time to analyze it, confront it and learn from it to never make it again. One is ok, but a third one is unacceptable; In a Startup, you have to make mistakes to learn, and not being afraid of them is key to your personal and professional growth, the one who throws himself into the void always falls on his feet, so testing and experimenting is the seed of a winning path, seeing yourself in these situations frustration becomes something fleeting.

For every moment in your life, the mental process that we live is:


Zero excuses / Cero Excusas

The worst thing you can hear in our company is, “I can’t” we always can because we see the big picture, and our capabilities have no limits. If you do not know, ask, research, study, and evolve but do not arrive at a meeting without having things up to date or a clear solution strategy. Doing the job on time gives us precise gear with the team and allows us to evolve at high speed. If you fall, it shows we can help you get up, but you must always feel responsible on your part.

Gold rain / Lluvia de oro

Our positive mind imbues us all with a winning mentality, and we are motivated to team up with people who stand out for their high vibes, their great empathy with teammates, their ability to interrelate and encourage, the proactivity of someone who runs their day in order and can bring great energy to their team.

The high productivity of our team creates the mindset to solve problems, which leads to creating synergies that strengthen our bonds and increase our capabilities to meet our goals.

Digital Spirit / Espíritu digital

We believe that technology is our right hand, taking advantage of the tools that are incorporated into our daily processes, always looking for solutions that allow the automation of operational tasks to optimize time and increase the productivity of thought toward the execution of impacting value propositions.

Our mentality remains young and evolving, always open to change.

Our duty as members of this team is to safeguard values in each one of our actions.