When we started SERV, our idea, apart from being a super maid app, was to create a line of perfect cleaning products that would do a spectacular job and clean fabric stains perfectly when rubbed on fabrics; being a leading company in the market, we needed the best cleaning methods and products. We knew it would be difficult and didn’t know if it would work.

At first, we tried to mix some chemical products to be able to make the perfect and secret deep cleaning mixture. However, after many tests, we realized that there was never an ideal solution since the fabrics suffer discoloration and damage in their quality; after many trials and trial and error, we realized that the answer was in uncomplicated products that you can find in your home, they are natural and do not mistreat the fabrics. Today we will share with you this simple but powerful way to remove the stains with the products that gave us the best results after many tests.

If you left your sheets or fabrics like the flag of Japan because you got Andres, the one that arrives every month, or you went to eat in your bed and made a mess, we, the best maids with the best cleaning and disinfection methodologies, are going to show you the solution:

First of all, we need a few things:

The most important thing is cold water; beware, it must be cold water as hot water can make the stain more difficult in the case of blood stains. Water is our new best friend. Water will wash the stain.
We will also need some baking soda. This is our best ally here because it will neutralize the acid in the stain so we can get rid of it. You can find this at any grocery store…
You will also need a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and some liquid dishwashing soap or shampoo (we recommend liquid because it will be easier to use). Finally, you will need an old toothbrush.

You must dip the brush into the mixture or apply it to the stain directly and then start scrubbing it. The baking soda reacts with the water in the mix and removes the stain by breaking its bonds with whatever made it stick to the fabric in the first place, so the best thing to do is to wait at least 1 hour for this reaction to get the desired effect. You don’t need to scrub hard; just rub back and forth to allow the mixture to penetrate the stain to remove any remaining dirt or grime.

After doing this process, you should wash it with cold water, take it to the washing machine, and clean the garment to remove the rest of the dirt.

We learned that fighting against stains would sometimes be complicated, no matter how hard we try. It doesn’t mean you must use sophisticated products; remember, less is sometimes more! That’s when we discovered the power of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide!

Those stubborn stains on our clothes, sheets, and textiles are very annoying, but what to do when we do not have time to perform these processes? At SERV, our domestic assistants or servers can do this job for you and will quickly remove the stains from your fabrics and do all the work for you. Our staff is professional and trained to do this type of work. If you want to have your apartment completely clean and neat without doing tedious chores, contact us to have your apartment completely clean and tidy.