SERV® App is one of the fifteen companies participating in the Digital Business Expansion Program of the MinTIC, APPS.CO executed by the operating company Seedstars.

In Latin America, more than 18 million domestic and general service workers work informally, gradually generating a gap that prevents the professionalism of the profession. In addition, it is difficult for households and companies to find reliable and quality service when required.

It is fascinating how the idea of a collaborative economy has expanded in the continent. In recent years, we have seen how thousands of cell phones have become a tool and workspace for women and men seeking flexibility and a new dynamic in their lives. Undoubtedly, in Colombia, we have particular social and economic characteristics, which beyond its challenges, open convergences to redefine and innovate the use of digital products designed to improve the lives of our employees.

At SERV®, we have a motto: Good does good. Our focus has always been connecting humans with intentions to build and grow. Our platform was born two and a half years ago when we discovered an opportunity between labor inclusion, collaborative economy, and social impact, seeking to solve the complex search for a skilled and reliable person.

Thus was born SERV® App, a platform that formalizes, professionalizes, and dignifies informal work through technology, facilitating and standardizing the search for home services in homes and businesses; our flagship service is cleaning for its high recurrence, we are performing other services such as disinfection, personal assistants, childcare and elderly care among others.

We manage a business model of commission per service B2B and B2C with an operating margin of 35% based on the collaborative economy through a web and mobile platform that automates logistics tasks, optimizes operational capacity, minimizes response times and offers high flexibility in scheduling at a price 20% lower than the market average, where through a process of social inclusion, training and support called UNISERV, we have generated decent employment for mothers heads of households, ethnic minorities, and afro-descendant populations.

We have a scalable and multidisciplinary organizational structure of 15 professionals with whom we have managed to maintain an annual growth rate of 125% over the last year, projecting to sell 210 thousand dollars this year, with an operating profit of 60 thousand dollars; we have performed more than 15,000 services, with more than 3,000 registered customers and a current recurrence rate of over 70%.

We have always projected ourselves as an international company, hence the name SERV; we have conducted market validations and pilot tests in the main cities of the country as well as in Toronto-Canada as we have observed how in these markets, our profitability growing from 35% to 55% per service, a call adapted to technology and have automated vertical integration software.

There are many objectives in SERV®, but one that runs through the soul is cultivating, teaching, and providing calm in all dimensions of this great project, such as offering tools with scope and innovation to our professionals. We insist on how valuable this new digital moment is, where the cell phone is your office. With your SERVERS™ app, it is not only an intelligent toolkit in your hands, but it is also to have a lighthouse that brings light to your dreams and your professional and personal growth.

It is very nice to understand how SERV® positively impacts the daily life of your employees. Our professionals discover that order in their lives because they are exceptional women, full of coherence, commitment, and intelligence, eager to excel, to feel fulfilled, and to move towards a peaceful future. Calm to make decisions, calm to continue persevering, relaxed in the face of difficulties, learning to enjoy the simplicity of feeling inner calm. Calm that we discover when what we do contributes to us makes us grow. This is knowing that things are being done well.

The training process is close and sincere. Each module is designed for the personal growth of the SERVER™, strengthening her image, her character, her professionalism, her attention to detail, her movements, and of course, her way of celebrating her value of empowering her dreams and goals. The women and men who come to SERV® go beyond being collaborators of a digital platform that connects homes and general services because vibrate is a brand that embraces them with love, for them, because behind them play children, smile grandparents, and share siblings. They are women and men who represent entire families. They are women and men with authentic hearts, focused on expanding their lives and demonstrating that technology has a social impact when a human team takes care of the connection between its members.

To be professional in every word, act, and service. That is what we love the most at SERV®: to teach us daily to find that calmness that moves us, that feeling of peace when everything finds its order. Because that is the most powerful thing about SERV®, the desire to accelerate the growth of all those who challenge themselves to feel the prosperous rhythm of humanized technology: it is a change of thought because it is surprising how a newly affiliated SERVER™ has worked in a day, and at the end of the week, is scheduled to a plan, i.e., a fixed income stabilized very agilely.

We are born because we know how important it is for every human being to feel calm. And yes, everything starts from what surrounds us, our most immediate exterior, such as home or business, but there is also an issue within each one that SERV® seeks to orbit: your inner calm.

And when we have that inner calm, life situations flow better. Many SERVers have connected with homes where they are welcomed as a family member. And it is only achieved when that SERV® brings calm to every space in that home, including the most critical area, your heart.

The energy concentrated in SERV®, with young talent, with much empathy, with smiles that travel in each SERVER, sowing genuine seeds of love to see us be better every day, has allowed us to approach a series of boost that projects us as a Colombian startup designed to scale and expand its business model. In this direction of growth, we are involved in philosophy and objectives with the technological boost program for entrepreneurship, bringing together various operators that allow us to train and align the national ingenuity.

For this year, SERV® is hand in hand with Seedstars, who, with their extraordinary vision, have contributed substantially to the expansion process of the app to countries like Panama and Canada! Thank you for seeing in SERV® a better future for homes, businesses, and cleaning professionals.