SERV knows it! You must understand how we hire each of our servers to ensure that your service is entirely professional and safe.

We are a digital platform that quickly and securely connects qualified personnel with households looking for domestic support and companies that require general services. For this reason, we always want to offer you the most select and capable staff.

Strict selection process

Applicants who wish to be part of our team are filtered through a selection process assisted by data analytics. Here we select the best candidates based on minimum experience, skills, certified work references, and background.

1 out of every 50 applicants continues the process

We conduct technical tests and closely monitor the time our next server performs its duties. We identify their proximity to means of transportation that facilitate extreme punctuality, and we also analyze their soft skills to ensure that customer service is appropriate for you.

Uniserv Training

Our applicants enter a training and job inclusion program to become cleaning and assistance professionals. Here we teach and evaluate cleaning and disinfection protocols, customer service, etiquette and protocol, performance times, proper handling of biosecurity implements, and use of our app and platform.


Finally, we perform the activation of our new server. We deliver all the biosecurity elements necessary for your work and the biodegradable products accompanying your service.

And now the magic begins.

Users choose the service they require through our Marketplace, and automatically, with some data that they will provide us about the dimensions of the space in which the server will be performed, we will calculate the number of hours and personnel required. After this, you can browse through the recommended profiles analyzing their history and opinions of experience with other users to find the ideal match.

SERV is a technology with social impact; our digital spaces allow only the best servers to reach your home.

We are with you in your home and business spaces.

Schedule today; you deserve it!