At the end of the year 2019 in the country of China, a new virus was identified from common diseases such as colds or touches of flu; as everyone knows for the year 2020, this outbreak was declared by the World Health Organization as a pandemic, this being the last since 1918 with the influenza flu, which was caused by the H1N1 virus with genes of Avian origin.

This issue not only brought deaths, family and personal misfortunes, and physical and mental illnesses but also brought the world to a state of pause. In Colombia, unemployment increased in the country in July 2020; the unemployment rate of the national total was 20.2%. For the last quarter of the same year, it reached a percentage of 21.4%, this being a record unemployment figure.

Many families had to suffer different needs within each household, many MSMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) or enterprises had to close, and many others managed to reinvent themselves to get afloat those business ideas they had worked and dreamed of for many years.

A theme left by the course of this pandemic was solidarity, understanding more about the people we encounter every day, not only thinking about ourselves and our welfare but also about the welfare of others, as well as giving a hand to those who need it and we have the opportunity to do so.

During the pandemic, grew and strengthened a company that knew how to reinvent itself and come out afloat; its name is SERV® S.A. S a digital platform and 100% Colombian company providing high-quality professional cleaning services at home, entering the digital and technological global market, as a proposed solution to the lack of reliability, practicality, quality, and efficiency offered by the demand for home services, factors in which we concentrate our efforts to provide a differentiated service that we call PREMIUM EXPRESS, and thus solve and facilitate the lives of thousands of people.

Just because SERV is growing and employing more than 200 people in the country does not mean that its selection process is easy and fast; SERV has a selection process with high-quality standards. Therefore, it is rigorous and detailed: we interview each domestic employee in-depth, study in depth their work and personal references, verify if they have open legal proceedings, verify their legal, fiscal and criminal records, test their behavior, do psychological tests, validate the information from their address and take their fingerprint. Let everything be for your safety!

SERV® Cleans, Takes Care, Tidies, Cooks, Cares, and Helps. They have more than 1,000,000 services performed with the highest quality and guarantee. So it is not only a company that is responsible for providing work to staff merely cleaning but also has messenger service, care for children and seniors, accompaniment among many more. It is a 100% Colombian company example that expects to continue growing and thus reach every door of the national territory, not only helping with the country’s economic growth as it is doing but helping each person or company to maintain a clean space and a fresh mind.