Good thing you’re here! This site is for you if you are looking for the best cleaning service in Colombia. Here you can discover all the tools you need to hire a quality maid service at an affordable and personalized price.

Not only for the home but also businesses, companies, industry, or condominiums, but what is the best way? Simple, if you already have in mind to look for the best companies, let us support you! We will provide you with the resources and solutions that will allow you to select the best option. We are especially committed to helping people improve how they get such a service and turn them into confident customers.

Knowing what to expect from the process of hiring a cleaning company will help you choose the best company for your home or business; you should keep in mind that although there are multiple options on the market, not all meet the key points that you should know before contacting them because, in many cases there are hidden fees and not knowing them can increase your costs significantly, some companies hide the actual operating expenses to attract unwary customers and then charge excessive fees, which is why here we list some common questions you should ask yourself before hiring a service:

  • What services do they offer?
  • Do they include cleaning products?
  • Do they provide services on Sundays and holidays?
  • Do they include transportation and meals for their employees?
  • Do they offer promotions?
  • Do they have experience in the area you want to clean?
  • What kind of guarantee do their services have?
  • What kind of insurance do they have?
  • How do they select their employees?
  • How many employees do they assign to each job?
  • Do they pay social security to their employees?
  • How do they guarantee the security of your home or business?
  • Do they provide personalized or specialized services?
  • Where do they provide their services?

Once you have answered the above questions, you can choose the best cleaning company, but we want to save you this work, that is why here is a brief overview of the cleaning companies you can trust:


SERV is a digital platform and 100% Colombian company, providing high-quality professional cleaning services at home; venturing into the digital and technological global market, it is a company dedicated to delivering cleaning services of all types: homes, offices, businesses, horizontal property, industrial environments, commercial premises and for a variety of requirements as it has assets, infrastructure, technology, and highly qualified personnel that allows the execution of preventive maintenance work, corrective and/or specialized services in cleaning and disinfection.

Why SERV? We will now answer the questions necessary to determine if SERV has the experience required.

What services do you offer?

Household Cleaning, Professional Cleaning & General Services for apartments, houses, and Airbnb: General Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Deep Cooking, Closet Tidying, Ironing, Deep Bathing, Food Preparation, Washing, and Drying.

Business Cleaning, Professional Cleaning & Services for offices, condominiums, and large areas: Corporate Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Maintenance, Boardroom Service, Automotive Cleaning, Gardening, and Warehouse Cleaning.

PRO Machines, Professional cleaning at home with KARCHER® certified professional equipment: Armchairs, Rugs, Cushions, Mattresses, Sectional Sofas, Futons, and Hydrocleaning.

Helpers, Personal Assistants, and Specialized SERVERS™ for: Installation, Driving, Closet Ordering, Courier, Packing, and Kitchen Assistant.

Caregiver SERVERS™specialized for a child, adult, and pet care and support: Children, Grandparents, Nutrition, Pets, Plants, and Nursing.

Disinfection, Spraying, and Thermal Fogging x square footage: Offices, Positive COVID, Warehouses, Vans, Commercial Premises, Construction, Automotive.

Do you include cleaning products?

Yes, cleaning products are included to perform the job.

Do you provide services on Sundays and holidays?

Yes, SERV, thanks to its technology, manages to have a constant flow of SERVERS, including Sundays and holidays.

Do you include transportation and food for your employees?

Yes, SERV’s priority is to provide its employees with everything they need to provide a quality service without additional costs for food and transportation.

Do you offer promotions?

SERV rewards the most loyal users, thanks to its multiple promotional plans for frequent customers, new customers and memorable dates in the year, referrals, and much more, with discount codes in its app.

Do they have experience in the area you want to clean?

Thanks to UNISERV, employees have in-depth knowledge in specific areas, receive training, and are carefully trained to provide services in different areas.

What kind of guarantee do your services have?

SERV has a satisfaction guarantee; in case of dissatisfaction, SERV will send an additional service to complete its work, provide investigation in case of loss or damage to objects, and provide liability insurance and damage to third parties and business support of the highest quality.

What kind of insurance do you have?

Liability and third-party insurance from SURA.

How do you select your employees?

2 out of every 100 people selected become SERVERS through technical and practical tests that filter the applicant’s skills through polygraph and data collection. SERV ensures that its staff has the skills and optimal history of being part of your team regarding expertise and human quality.

How many employees are assigned to each job?

Depending on the client’s needs, it depends on one specialized team with cleaning brigades with machinery and products if desired; SERV has installed capacity for large surfaces.

Do you pay social security to your employees?

Yes, SERV is responsible for making payments to all its staff regarding legal benefits, do not worry about these issues; SERV takes care of them.

How do you guarantee the security of your home or business?

SERV performs a technical psycho-technical test at the entrance of a new SERVER, in addition to a background check, security study with Truora, the international background check app with the fastest software integration with guaranteed customer service, skills selection process with UNISERV, polygraph test if the client requires it.

Do you want to leave your home or office clean and tidy? On our website SERV.COM.CO, you will find the best cleaning companies that will provide the service you need.

Where do you provide your services?

SERV provides its services in the:

Bogotá, La Calera, Sopó, Chía, Cajicá, Tabio, Mosquera, Siberia.
Medellín, Envigado, Rio Negro, Llano Grande, Itaguí.

Remember to ask yourself all these questions so that your decision will help you choose the best and most reliable service.

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